Monday, April 25, 2022



It is a programme organised for the students of class XII who will be appearing board exam. In this auspicious occasion the students take the oath of offering their services to family ,society and the whole nation that is our Bharat Mata.

The programme started with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.

Marg Darshan was given by Sanchita Didi where she asked the students to plan well for their exam, time management and study without stress.She showed a way to prepare for exam intelligently ,calmly and to ensure stability along with full efforts towards their study.

Shantanu Sir also guided the students about preparation of their exam as well as asked the students to always have an intact with the school,family, society and the nation.

Vice- Principal- R.M.Thakre Sir asked the students to focus on studies and follow the values given by the school.

Experience sharing by Students- Sanskriti Sahu,Preksha Prachi Bharadwaj and Nibir Nayan Mahanta.

Addressing of Students by Principal- Ravi Savdeykar Sir-Enlightened the students with the meaning of Vidyarambha and Utsarga, Paravidya and Aparavidya.- which is the study of the soul and the study of the outside world.,comparing these words with exam.Stressed upon how to deal with exams,face the challenges and goal making.

Bikash Upadhyaya Sir led the programme by making the students understand the meaning of Utsarga Samaroh.There was chanting of Slokas by Students lead by Bikas Sir.

Before concluding the programme, there was lightning of earthen lamps, offering of flowers by students to Bharat Mata (India Map) and Omkar.

Students were given. Valuable books as a small token of love.

The programme ended with the Kendra Prarthana.

Saturday, April 23, 2022


The new academic session of 2022-23 at VKV, Dibrugarh commences on 23th April, 2022 with Varsharambha ceremony.Teachers and students of all classes attended the Namkirtan led by the 11  Bhagats. Namkirtan, devotional mantras and songs were sung in the name of God . The whole atmosphere  in praise was purified with the chanting of the divine name.

All this was done to please God to give us immense strength to carry out our duties and responsibilities with all heart and dedication in the days to come. We are now ready to welcome the new academic session with all positivity and and open heart.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Our vidyalaya organised Matri Puja for the students of class X who will be appearing for board examination on 5th April, 2022. Two guests from Ramkrishna mission namely Sadhu Bikramananda ji and Vedasananda ji and Kunjalata didi graced the occasion by their presence. Principal Ravindranath Savdeykar sir welcomed the guests and the mothers of class X students for whom the puja was held. In his welcome address he shared that a mother is one who forgets all the pain and takes care of her child selflessly.

She is the one who devotes her whole life and time for her child and with all her love she raises her child. He urged the whole audience to think of their mother during the puja and pay respect to her.

After which the guests shared the essence of a mother. Sadhu Bikramananda shared that we have 3 mothers - the one who gave birth, matribhoomi and dharma, all need to be respected equally in order to be successful in life. Swami Vedasananda, secretary Ram Krishna mission Dibrugarh said one may have all the facilities and amenities but one cannot succeed if he/she doesn’t have the blessings of mother and elders. Even in the Bhagwad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna about the importance of elder’s blessings in our lives.

It is a ritual that every year our vidyalaya holds matri puja with a belief that in order to succeed in life one needs the blessings of elders along with hard work.

Mothers were invited to come at 9am. Upon entering children first wash the feet of their mother and seek their blessings.

The puja began at 11am which was led by Bikash Upadhyaksh sir of our vidyalaya.

On the chanting of mantras students prayed the feet of their mother with a promise that we will always be there for their mother and will always take responsibility of her. The programme ended with experience sharing by mothers and students. Kasak Mishra a student shared that her mother was thoroughly elated that today she was going to be kept in a higher place and will be worshipped. She is determined to make her mother proud one day.

Subhodeep Majumdar shared that whatever he has learnt today he owes it to the vidyalaya and his mother. Debraj Saikia’s mother wished good luck to all the students and said she is grateful towards our vidyalaya for teaching culture and moral values to the students.

Few more students shared their experience and the programme ended successfully with a short speech by Kunjalata didi. She said mothers should always be respected for their selfless and tireless service.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


We are proud to announce that our students participated in cultural events organised by Dibrugarh Hindu Milan Mandir Committee on 8th January, 2022 on the occasion of 127th birth anniversary of the Great World teacher and Saint Saviour Srimat Swami Pranabanandaji Maharaj, the founder of Bharat Sevashram Sangha and won the following prizes:

1stposition in Dance competition bagged by Kum.Pratiksha Biswas, Class IX

1stposition In Music competition won by Kum.Shreya Chakraborty, Class V

3rdposition in Art competition bagged by Kr.Pranay Dutta, Class IX

We congratulate the winners with all our heart.